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I am a male in my sixties. Charter Radiology performed a metal suppression MRI on my left hip on March 9, 2022. I rarely write reviews, but I found this facility to be so superior that I feel compelled to share my experience with other patients. The staff is very professional and pleasant. I was in pain when I went for the test, and they did everything they could to make me as comfortable as possible. They took me in at my scheduled appointment time without any wait. The tech performing the test was highly competent. Prior to the test, she explained everything I needed to know and there was no need for me to ask any questions. She even asked me for my choice of music for the approximately 45 minutes I had to lay still for the test! My referring orthopedic surgeon, my rheumatologist, and my primary care physician were all very complimentary of the MRI images she took. The facility was clean, had an open feeling, and the machine they have is THE BEST available – I am an engineer by training and take a keen interest in the specifications of the testing machines. I was very impressed. The most astonishing part of the experience was that Dr. Uppal was monitoring the test in real time!! She noticed something serious on the MRI (unrelated to my hip joint) that needed further evaluation. She came in during the test and had the tech take a few additional test sequences! If she had not done that, I would have had to schedule another MRI and would have lost valuable time in seeing the appropriate specialist. I feel so grateful.

B.P. Singh

The staff at Charter Radiology is a one of a kind group of the most compassionate, caring and respectful individuals. They have a genuine grasp of the meaning of stellar patient care. I’ve been a patient for several years and I’ve been to both locations and I always get 150% from everyone. A Charter you will always get a warm smile and friendly greeting. They are willing to answer questions and give you their attention. The facility is impeccable and always well supplied with paper towels and toilet paper. I continue to praise their ability to schedule procedures accordingly so the patient isn’t kept waiting. I have found that healthcare workers forget that the patient isn’t always at their best and the more comfortable they are the better the communication will be for everyone. I’ve needed copies and I’ve wanted to view my reports and they’ve never given me any issue with helping me. I can’t praise both facilities enough for excellent patient care and state of the art equipment. You’ll find no better facility for your imaging needs.

Each time I have to call or email the staff at Charter, I take a deep breath because I know how very busy they are with current patients who are standing in front of them, but no matter what kind of request I have – one imaging report or two they always squeeze me in with a smile. The staff at Charter is beyond just praising them with a word or two. These young people confirm that the millennials are hard-working, offer AMAZING customer service with a smile and they genuinely care about each other and each person that walks through that door or calls on the phone. I praise them all the time because they deserve it. Whatever Dr. Uppal does to screen her employees or however she chooses people to carry the baton to the end, she is doing the right thing, in my eyes. It is not just one thing that makes Charter the best place to go for imaging, it’s the cleanliness, it’s the supplies always there for the patients use, the bathrooms are clean and smell clean and each person is treated with the utmost respect and that is INVALUABLE, PRICELESS. I’ve been disappointed in other facilities because of rude staff or lack of clean areas to sit and yes, nasty bathrooms. I had an issue after one visit, I was in my car about to go home and I saw Dr. Uppal walking with a group of people, maybe reps or other doctors. I was concerned about a situation enough to stop her as she was crossing the street and without hesitation, she came over to my car and took the time to listen to me and to offer feedback. That might not be a big deal to others, BUT to me, it was a BIG deal that she asked the group she was with to go inside and she dedicated ALL of her attention to me and to make me feel that important. She’s also called me on the phone to discuss or answer questions and I find that to be the heart of the love that is oozing all over Charter Radiology – the love to help others and to take part in their wellness. I have been chronically ill for 41 years. I’ve been admitted to every hospital in MD and when I write my reviews please rest assured that I have so many other facilities to compare Charter to and they are by far the BEST and the most up-and-coming radiology facility in the state, I am sure of that fact. I struggled for 10 years with terrible pains in my head. The doctors kept giving me migraine medication and I kept stating that I don’t have a migraine, what I have is the worst kind of pain in my head. I didn’t think anyone would ever find the answer. Dr. Gunawardaine sent me over to Charter for a STAT MRA. That afternoon I received an urgent call from the neurologist’s office. Charter Radiology offered a test that I’d never heard of and in my eyes, they saved my life. Dr. Uppal’s facility discovered that I had an aneurysm sitting right in my brain that could have erupted at any time. I will be forever grateful for Charter because they are the answer to imaging success that houses the answers that can’t be found anywhere else. Take a trip over and see for yourself, you won’t be sorry.

Margie McKnight

I’m writing to tell you how amazing Ryan Thomas is at your Clarksville office.

Yesterday, I took my 68 year old disabled sister (Carol Perriens) to your office for CT and Pet scans. She has Parkinson’s, Parkinson’s related dementia, paranoia, anxieties, scoliosis, she’s confined to a wheelchair, she thinks everyone is not to be trusted and developmentally she’s 15. To add to that, she was diagnosed last week with Stage 4 Mucosal Melanoma.  I’m sharing this with you to create a picture of someone who is very hard to deal with.

When I arrived yesterday I went into the office first and shared all of this with the staff and asked them to please not mention the words “tumor” or “cancer”…..and they didn’t.

When we were called back, Ryan was immediately the most patient, helpful, understanding professional I have ever met. He explained everything he was doing to Carol and I, and she was so relaxed because of this. I was worried she wouldn’t be cooperative, as is her normal, but she obviously trusted his every word and thanked him as well.

I was so worried it was going to be an unpleasant experience, especially due to the fact that we were there for several hours. As it turned out, it was the exact opposite.

As a manager for over 20 years, I believe in giving kudos to people who go out of their way to do their job the best they can. Ryan is one of those people and I just wanted to make sure I shared my (our) appreciation for all he did for us.

Jeff Perriens

If you are in need of a really good x-ray, MRI, or CT Scan and you are in the area of Columbia, Maryland. This is the place to go. From the beginning to the end of the service was very professional. Better than Advance Radiology and John’s Hopkins Imaging…

Katrina Fowlkes

A perfect experience Organized Efficient Friendly Professional Great MRI results for review.

Peggy Shanley Curtin

My tech was the best and super accommodating of my slight claustrophobia concerns. He made me feel more at ease and played the music I liked to help me. The more open MRI machine is great. Facility is the cleanest I’ve seen and their prompt scheduling is great for those busy during the week.

Rachel G

I had my first experience with Charter Radiology at Reisterstown , Md last evening and I gladly give them a rating of 5 stars. The place was clean and the equipment was “State of the Art”. The personnel were friendly, knowledgeable, and very accommodating. I went in on crutches and in pain but the way they helped me by providing a wheelchair and assisting me as need be made me feel special and genuinely cared for. I am claustrophobic and usually I have a problem with that machine but the attendant asked me what kind of music I like, gave me earbuds and earphones and I listened to beautiful piano music with my eyes closed as the machine collected data. It was a wonderful experience. Before I knew it the test was over. I wish I had gotten the names of the two ladies working, but I didn’t. The other two people who did an exceptional job were the gentleman who made the initial appointment and the lady who was doing the scheduling later that evening. Both of them had a friendly voice and worked with me to get the MRI done on yesterday. Hats off to Charter Radiology Staff ( Reisterstown) and the two scheduling persons for a job done well. Dr. B. Scruggs

Brenda Scruggs

amazing service!! nice staff radiologist is excellent!!!

Leah Friedman

Charter Radiology – professional, clean and courteous. The Chart is awesome has all your information right at your fingertips. From calling to schedule, arriving for appointment to receiving service All 5 Star service.. Thank you! Bryant- Stewart Family.

Love Stewart

“I had a couple appointment options same day when I called, but couldn’t work my own schedule, so I booked a few days later. They called me back and offered me a couple earlier days/times just to help out! The professionalism, appearance and courteousy are outstanding, but I’ve gotten quite a few different images here and my docs are always incredibly happy with how accurate everything is. I dont know why you would even look at using a different imaging center. I go out of my way to go to Charter when I need to get any imaging done.

Matt Berens

An outstanding facility and radiologist. I highly recommend them to my patients and friends!

Jeffrey Gaber

Such warm and friendly staff, I would be glad to see you for all my Radiology needs!

Lori Salata

They are very efficient! I was in and out in a short time. The young lady who did the CT scan was EXCELLENT!! Very skilled and very gentle!

Mary Lou Marr

“I often refer my pts to Charter Radiology. I had Chest CT on October 2019 & had abdominal/pelvic CT for ureteric stone which caused severe pain off & on for 2wks while I was out of the country. I called charter radiology at 8am & had the test done by 9am. Dr.Uppal has the most professional staff from front desk to the highly trained technologist.They were caring,compassionate,efficient & professional. Dr.Uppal personally explained the test results on each occasion & the report was generated & faxed to the referring doctors within an hour. I am physician myself for over 36yrs.I have not seen any office as efficient & caring as charter radiology. Without hesitation I will give it 5 ⭐️ Dr.Uppal is a superior radiologist with state of the art equipment with lowest radiation exposure. Most importantly she has compassion & empathy two leading characteristics of a top physician. I wish her & her staff all the success now & in future.

Imtiaz Chowdhry

The entire staff was professional and accomadating to my needs. Beth was especially wonderful at keeping me calm and telling me everything that was happening. She even contacted my cardiologist to review the requested orders since there was some confusion between doctors and two different orders. She then reviewed the scan to be sure she had the information needed before I left. I will return for all radiology orders. Thank you again,Beth!

Tammy Warner

EXCELLENT staff! Front office staff were efficient and friendly. Technician who performed my CT w/contrast was very kind and knowledgeable. She noted my extreme pain in reaction to the procedure and had radiologist read my scans immediately—thereby facilitating a differential diagnosis. Radiology doctor came within minutes to give me the correct diagnosis based in part by the technician’s observation of me during the scan. THANK YOU for your kindness and skill —from me, the female patient on 1/2/20 with a large kidney stone and not diverticulitis.

Maria J

They make you feel like they are treating a family member. Very caring. Third time there, consistently good service.

Gary Barker

Amazing experience from the staff to the facility, highly recommend Charter Radiology. Thank you!

Dennis Swiger

Charter Radiology is a First Class facility. The staff is very welcoming and efficient. The equipment is state of the art. Dr. Daisy is a Radiologist of Excellence. On a scale from 1 to 10, I give Charter Radiology a 12. William Warren, M.D.

William Warren, MD

I came to Charter right after an appointment with my doctor not having scheduled an appointment or calling ahead. I needed an MRI ASAP because the matter was urgent. The staff were very professional and kind and took GREAT care of me! Their compassionate and help during a very stressful situation was all I could’ve asked for. I would recommend this location to anyone I know!

Taylor S

Charter Radiology is the place to go for really fast MRIs and top quality professional outcomes. Couldn’t ask for better attention from the staff. I’ve been there three times and each time they made me feel at ease and confident of their work. Dr. Daisy is very warm and extremely knowledgeable. And I received the reports within hours. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.

Joan Lipshultz

From the first phone call when I called to schedule my appointment, I knew that I was going to have a positive experience at Charter Radiology. The person who answered the phone was professional and friendly. My appointment was handled in that same manner. Everyone was professional and helpful. I felt like they treated their patients as they would want to be treated. I highly recommend Charter Radiology.

Hal Mendelson

I am a 78 year old male. I was totally and pleasantly surprised with the high quality and the speed of service. My doctor gave me an order for an MRI. The people at the front desk asked all the right questions. They had me call the manufacturer of my spinal cord stimulator. I could not have an MRI. So, they suggested a CT scan. That order was faxed over. Within about 30 minutes I had a CT scan The staff for the scan were awesome. And the doctor was amazing.

Frank Chandler

The staff is very friendly and helpful! I’ve visited the Columbia location twice now and both experiences were easy. I would highly recommend!

Kristin McCarthy

From setting up the appointment through the test and leaving, the staff was amazing. So caring and helpful. I was totally shocked by how well they treat patients. The hours are also a huge bonus. I was able to get an appointment right away for the test I needed. I highly recommend Charter Radiology!!

Rose Napolitano

Charter Radiology in Columbia, MD is the best location. Always make you feel at ease. I have very high anxiety and the staff here always make me feel comfortable. They are very friendly and always try to accommodate everyone’s needs. Very fast and efficient. Definitely highly recommend them.

Dana Dea

The staff was friendly and very courteous. The doctor was thorough and highly efficient. I appreciated her patience and understanding in explaining my scan to me. Great atmosphere!!!

Alice Hemmeian

From the moment I called Charter the employees on phone were helpful~ friendly ~ they were concerned and helped me set up appt w my insurance. The day of scan ~ again the people at desk were helpful and friendly ~ which I loved. The lady that did the scan was calming me down and very helpful to make me understand the procedure. The front office was bright and clean and welcoming. Very happy experience for me on a day I very nervous and scared. Thank You Charter Radiology…

Sharon 'Mimi' Sims Ocheltree

I chose Charter Radiology, because my doctor’s office recommended them and they were able to schedule my MRI on the day I walked in. Every staff member I encountered was friendly, they started my procedure on time, and they emailed me results in 2 days.

Coke Carey

Excellent care and efficient administration. The gentleman who worked the MRI and X-ray on 9/22 was kind, professional, and did a huge favor fitting my X-rays into the schedule when they aren’t normally done on a Sunday. Victor, at the front desk, also helped me take care of what needed to be done. He was hard at work preparing for the next days’ patients while I waited. There’s not a thing either gentleman could have done to improve my visit to the Columbia office, except figure out how to get me out of my scheduled surgery. 5 stars.

Morag Thorp Weedlun

Everything went extremely smooth! From the front the mri. MRIs are not fun and the team of Ladies that day made me feel human and comfortable. If you have anxiety with Mris..I totally recommend this place in columbia! If I ever need anything else done in the future I’ll be headed there. The 7 days a week is also a huge plus!!! The team who worked there on saturday 9/21 were awesome and should be given recognition!

N Liz

Friendly staff in office and on telephone to set appointments. Prompt service I was taken back at my appointment time and everything was explained to me and I was made as comfortable as possible given the procedure.

LaKeisha Harris

Great service, and the staff is excellent. The office is very clean, and the equipment is state of the art. Whatever your medical imaging needs are this office could handle it.

Colonious King

If I could give 10 stars I WOULD. I have a phobia with needles, and came in for a CT scan with contrast. Unlike Advanced Radiology, and other terrible places, the staff at Charter was SOOOOO understanding, worked with me, kept me informed at EVERY step, and provided me with results, and explanation right away. Nobody likes getting these things done, but if you do, there is ONLY one place to go. Special thank you to Brett and Dr. Uppal (Daisy) for being amazing and absolute professionals.

Alex Binder

Yesterday, 08/19/19, I had a CT scan with contrast done on my sinuses. I was scared to death at first. I had a CT scan with contrast done on my stomach a year ago at a different facility and my experience was horrific with the entire procedure. I swore I would never go through anything involving contrast again. Well after yesterday everything has changed, and I have this facility and the tech Brittany who did my scan to thank. I am no longer horrified of having this done again, in the near future, if needed, at this facility in Columbia. It was very easy to get an appointment, and there was not a long waiting period to be seen by the tech. The facility was also very clean. The front desk staff was very pleasant and very helpful. The room I had my scan in was awesome. While lying down and looking up you see a blue sky with white puffy clouds; it looks so real and has a very calming effect on you. My tech Brittany is an angel in disguise. I was treated like I was a family member; she was the most caring and compassionate person I have ever met in a medical setting. I normally do not do reviews but I just had to concerning this facility. I made this review long and hope it may help anyone out there who is afraid to do any testing and especially CT scans with contrast. You can set your fears aside, trust me. I highly recommend Charter Radiology in Columbia.

Darlene Marcisofsky

Another great visit to Charter Radiology. I honestly can’t imagine why anyone would choose to go to one of those big chain radiologist practices when Charter exists. They are so genuinely nice, professional, customer service centered, accurate with pinpointing where to take picture and with reading the films, and their office is very pleasant and clean. They even have coffee in the waiting room!

Mama Weedle

Very patient and professional staff will go back if I need to. Thank you.

Kimberly Davis

Charter Radiology is a very nice facility. The hours are accommodating so that you do not have to miss work. You can go on the late evening weekdays and weekends. The staff is wonderful and the wait time is short. I highly recommend Charter Radiology!!

Carolyn Taylor

All I can say is very professional, courteous and very quick!

Coretta MaGee

LOVE Charter Radiology. They were able to give me a next day appointment! The staff is nice and efficient. I was called back for my MRI on time. Seamless and smooth. I couldn’t ask for better. Oh, yes, the results are posted online in your own private patient portal. I was able to read my MRI report before I followed up with my doctor and I was much better prepared.

Deborah Fisher

Professional and efficient. Great training of each and every employee no matter what their role. Keep up the great service!

Nathalie Polanco

Super fast and efficient.. radiologist spoke to me after test was over as well. Highly recommend.

Alli Browne

Charter Radiology is prompt & responsive to the patient’s needs. Their pricing is competitive in the marketplace. They delivered my CT scan results within 24 hours of my initial contact with them—a first in my recent experience with medical care providers. They completed every step with precision, including my self-pay pricing quote, and then guiding me through every step during my procedure. Impressive service and pleasant staff.

Norine Thomas

Positive experience. I went at 9pm. The technician explained every step. He had a gentle voice. The music selection needs improvement. I asked for classical and I heard jazz. Lol.

Maribel Balderson

Quick and courteous service front desk and techs. Professionalism and reassurance from techs. Dr’s bedside manner when reviewing results.

Hope Bell

The handling of my appointment was very satisfactory. The intake was thorough with the insurance approval handled immediately. I was able to get a same-day appointment and that was equally impressive. All the staff are very professional, respectful, courteous and informative. The information I gave was thoroughly reviewed. Dr. Daisy Uppal explained the results personally. She also addressed another condition I reported on intake that was very pertinent and helpful. I will definitely use Charter for any and all related procedures in the future.

Arthur Helbig

Very fast and efficient with the entire process. Daisy is the best at what she does.

Sabrina Clever

Charter Radiology is my go to place when my patients need imaging, and my go to place when my family or I need imaging. Top notch friendly staff, state of the art equipment, and the best radiologists on the planet.

Mark Schneyer

From the phone reminder to Dr. Uppal’s conscientious followup, the care here is top notch from both the personal and medical perspectives. All staff are friendly and skilled. Highly recommend.

Cherise Tasker

I love Gabriel and the staff- and especially the one on one care with Dr. Daisy!! That speaks volumes!!

Yanessi Morales

I was referred to Charter Radiology by Ortho Maryland. My appointment was for an MRI, and I was checked in immediately. The staff was professional and the facility was clean. I was impressed by Charter and wouldn’t mind going back.

Tamara Harvey

I had never heard of Charter Radiology until I was referred to them by Koman Orthopedics next door. I had a great experience with Charter! The staff were very friendly and made me feel comfortable. The extended hours are great which means I didn’t have to use sick time to leave work early! I received a disc with my films on it within just a few minutes of coming back out to the waiting area. I would definitely recommend Charter Radiology in Reisterstown and will be using them, if need be, in the future!!

Terri Moore

The professionalism and courtesy of the staff.

Delphia Outlaw

Was able to make a same-day appointment and speak to the radiologist immediately after my imaging. Convenience and peace of mind! The staff were kind and knowledgeable.

Charlotte Bright

Professionalism; on time, attentive to patient needs & and questions.

Margaret Shanholtz DeMayo

I was able to make a same day appointment and meet with the doctor to review the results immediately! I also witnessed a rude and angry patient berate the front desk staff because of an insurance problem he was responsible for. The Charter Radiology person remained calm, professional, and continued to offer solutions until the man stormed off. It’s clear they hire only the best at Charter!

Gigi Vasquez Hall

Wow. Finally, medical services delivered professionally and expeditiously from the front desk to getting your records to other offices. The smooth process, courteous staff, clean and welcoming environment, and attention and anticipation of what the client needs is why they receive my recommendation.

TJ King

Outstanding service, friendly staff, short wait times. By far, the best experience for having an MRI…and unfortunately…I’ve had quite a few.

Kevin Clark

The staff are extremely friendly and very accommodating. The facilities are clean and they posses the latest equipment for imaging. I have used Charter Radiology three times now and each visit has exceeded my expectation. The technicians were very understanding and explained each step of the process. During the procedure they were in constant contact and made sure I was comfortable. The reports were generated in a timely manner. I highly recommend their services. Three words describe Charter Radiology….”Simply The Best!”

Tom Travels

I highly recommend this radiology center. Dr. Uppal is very knowledgeable, she personally discussed my MRI results right after getting it done. The services provided both times I’ve been to this center were amazing. You will be amazed how quickly you will get your results.

Isaedmarie Febo

Not only am I a patient at Charter but this is the only place I take my parents for imaging. We are always accommodated same day and the staff feels like family. Dr Uppal is always on site and its nice to see a radiologist personally care for her patients Dr. Uppal is caring and loving towards all her patients. This is the BEST Radiology Office in the Country. If you ever need any Imaging Services, CHARTER RADIOLOGY is the place to go for the best results.

Marlene Diaz

I am really behind in reviewing Charter Radiology as I and my husband each have been to Charter Radiology for MRIs and x-rays in the last several years (I think almost from the opening of Charter.) Several years ago I needed an MRI. I was “terrified” of MRIs. In the past I had always looked for an “open” MRI (no matter how far I had to travel) even though I was told that an Open MRI is nowhere as accurate as a standard MRI. One day I was in the 10700 Charter Drive building for another appointment and saw that there was now a Radiology practice on the first floor. So I thought that I would go in and see if things had changed over time. Boy, am I glad that I did! I told the front desk my fears. Before I knew it, I had been introduced to the personable, sweet, compassionate and, especially, knowledgeable Dr. Uppal! She took me back to the State-of-the-Art MRI room, showed me all around, and told me that she would even be in the room with me, if needed. I came back for the MRI with a “relaxing” pill from my doctor. However, I was determined to grow up, conquer my fears, and go into that “tube” without any medication. Which I did! I must confess though that at the time of my MRI, Dr. Uppal did go into the MRI room with me for a bit during the procedure! I was so humbled by her kindness, that I was determined that going forward I would do it on my own! I am proud to say that I am calmer about the procedures and have since done it on my own. I am happy to report that my husband has also conquered his “MRI” fears through the kindness and caring of Charter Radiology staff! I, like others, have experienced Dr. Uppal going over my films on that BIG computer screen of hers, receiving my films to take with me, and signing up for my Health Companion account so that I could access my records on line. Top Notch! Like so many other reviewers, I am very impressed and pleased with the degree of professionalism and caring shown by ALL staff. Dr. Uppal has gone to exemplary measures to create a pleasant, warm environment. I know that didn’t just “happen”, but was rather well thought out and planned. The equipment is state-of-the art. I have especially benefited from the kindness and attention to my care from Regina and Gabriel. You are great! I am so grateful that I found Charter Radiology and look forward to many years of stress-free MRIs, as the need arises. Charter is my first choice! P.S. I especially enjoy the addition of the beautiful, fresh flowers!

Barbara Dawson

I never thought I would give a doctor a 5 star review especially after they tell me I need to rush to the ER for surgery! But it was a truly a pleasant experience, from making a same day appointment to the front desk attendees, IV tech, CT scan tech all the way to Dr. Daisy! Everyone is so helpful and pleasant to deal with. Dr. Daisy sounded very knowledgeable and professional yet had a great sense of humor. She sent me to the ER with a smile on my face!

Mohammad Alkurdi

This was our fourth MRI with Charter Radiology. Every experience has been great. The staff is very helpful and efficient working with our insurance to get prior authorization. We are always seen on time and I love having the official reading within 24 hours of the scan. Thank you Dr. Uppal and staff for all that you do!

Julie Rivenbark

I am an Orthopedic Surgeon’s nightmare or blessing. Between my knees and ankles, I have practically put my surgeons’ children through college. At least, that’s the ongoing joke in my house. Charter Radiology is the ABSOLUTE BEST place to get MRIs performed. I have been to many imaging centers, and I can say that Charter’s same day appointment, and same day report reading (usually), is definitely something I can get behind. In sports, injuries require immediate attention and results, and that’s what Charter is so great at doing! My coaches loves you, I love you, and I thank you for always taking care of me. Oh BTW, see you today for another MRI…

Brandi P

I had a positive experience with Charter Radiology from the moment someone answered my call. The person was very polite, well spoken, courteous and accommodating. Charter Radiology was able to schedule an appointment for me the very next day, and verified my insurance benefits within minutes after I scheduled my appointment. Once there, I was very anxious about the closed MRI. The staff was patient and made accommodations to make me feel comfortable. I highly suggest the blindfold if you are feeling anxious. It made a huge difference for me and I was able to complete the MRI.

Professional. Friendly and efficient. I highly recommend Charter Radiology.


Excellent experience at Charter Radiology! Staff were professional, welcoming, & efficient. The gentlemen technologist was consummate professional. Kept me informed of the scans progress, made sure was comfortable, & clearly skilled w/IV injections. From the streamlined check in, to the lightening quick turnaround and availability of results, Charter was a ***** experience.

Merri G

Obviously great care has to be first, but many practices provide that. What sets Charter Radiology apart to me is speed and not being nickel and dimed. I get a CD of images, if I lose it then they give me another for free, wanted my results sent to 3 doctors..still free. Coffee in lobby, etc.

Not being nickel and dimed means everything to me as many others also provide good to great care.

Speed: they had my first of 2 MRIs up on the portal just 2 hours after I was finished. Second one came the morning after. Super fast.

Amit Gulati

Skilled, caring professionals from the receptionist to the MRI technician. If you are claustrophobic as I am, this is the place to go. So grateful and pleased with the whole experience. What a difference the personalization and caring made! Thank you to the whole staff.

Sharon Snyder

From the moment I walked in the door I was highly impressed. Debbie checked me in with a cheerful attitude. Workers compensation had made several errors, such as my date of birth and address, but Debbie corrected them immediately. Beth, the technician, went out of her way to make me feel comfortable before, during, and after a lengthy MRI. I have shoulder problems and she offered to help me tie my gown in the back. I was provided an eye mask, headphones with music of my choice (classic rock), and she spoke with me throughout the procedure. I am a bit claustrophobic but their equipment and Beth’s soothing voice and roomier and much more comfortable equipment than other facilities got me through., I have had many MRIs in my life but this was my best experience. I can understand why my outstanding shoulder surgeon prefers this facility. This location is not geographically closest to my house but I would be willing to return. Thank you ladies for your kindness. ❤️

Roberta Russell

Friendly, proficient, and all around awesome staff! Dr. Uppal is the go to for arthrograms. I always recommend you, thank you for always giving me great service!!

Haley Cohen

My doctors office sent me to Charter for their expertise in taking and reading MRI films. I have had 4 MRI’s in 2 years, this was the best experience of all. Brent (I think) the tech was wonderful in making me comfortable on the table. He said the MRI is loud; well after he put headphones on me and turned on music I hardly heard one click from the machine. And my visit was on a Sunday. (almost unheard of)

Regina Beckert

The staff are all professional and personal. My daughter felt at ease in their care for her first MRI and I had an MRI the following week with the same stellar service. Dr. Uppal sat down with me and reviewed my images right after the exam and took her time to answer all my questions. I highly recommend Charter Radiology.

Anne Lamberty

The best radiology facility in Maryland. The staff is stupendous. Daisy Uppal, owner, is by far the most concerned and kind medical professional I’ve ever met. She cares about her patients and takes the time to speak to them whenever necessary. They run on time and the facility is clean!

Jill Hack

Awesome place to have an MRI. I got injured last Thursday and they fit me in on Saturday without hesitation. Very nice staff and Daisy Uppal is top notch. As an orthopaedic surgeon myself, I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Jason Hammond, MD, Medstar Health

The outstanding experience I had with Charter Radiology began even before my CT scan. My health insurance initially rejected the pre-authorization, so the good folks at Charter had to contact my primary care doctor for another (successful) attempt. On the day of the scan itself (a Saturday!), I was understandably apprehensive, but Dr. Uppal and her staff calmed my nerves and got me through it. I really appreciated Dr. Uppal herself going over the scan with me immediately afterwards.

In short, Charter Radiology is staffed with kind, compassionate people and all of this starts and ends with Dr. Uppal. She’s a gem!

Dr Dean Glaros, Wilmer Eye Institute

I have known Dr. Daisy Uppal and Charter Radiology for over 10 years. Daisy is the finest radiologist I have ever met and one of the best physicians I have had the pleasure of working with. I readily refer patients to Charter Radiology and have recommended to other physicians that they do the same. Charter Radiology has the most up to date equipment with incredible resolution. Daisy has been there for me on three occasions; she has done two MRIs on me and most recently three CT scans. The first occasion was a Friday afternoon when my internist told me I needed an MRI on my leg; she was with me until nearly 10pm. When I was told by my urologist around 5 pm on a Thursday to obtain an MRI I called Daisy. At 8 am the next morning I was at Charter Radiology; she did the MRI and confirmed the urologist’s suspicion and got me onto the road to recovery. This past Saturday I went for a coronary calcium CT scoring and she found a suspicious lesion. She had me come back on Sunday morning at 10 am and did another CT with contrast; she then made arrangements for me to see a pulmonary specialist. When I told my internist about the CT with contrast on a Sunday morning she told me she never knew of a radiologist who would come in on a Sunday morning. To me Charter Radiology and Dr. Daisy Uppal have been a Godsend. I will always be most grateful for the wonderful care and friendship she has shown me on multiple occasions.

Dr Lenard Hammer

Thank you Dr Uppal! You saved my life. I had extensive PE (Pulmonary Embolus) in both my lungs last week. I went to Charter Radiology for CT without clear symptom. My cardiovascular did not prescribe an emergency CT order. Dr Uppal asked me to wait for result after CT and immediately diagnosed my PE. She immediately contacted my physician and hospital ER. I got proper treatment.

Steven Xingfu Li

Thanks to Charter Radiology’s willingness to accommodate urgent needs I was able to diagnose a patient’s condition today without the expense and inconvenience of sending him to the emergency room. The healthcare system was spared thousands of dollars of unnecessary expense, the patient was properly served and I was able to practice medicine with efficiency and quality. Kudos for the great service and great quality radiology services.

Scott Maurer MD

I travel to use them because they have been awesome to work with. Dr Daisy is quick to review the scans and has caught several different things that no one else did for years.

Michele Damon

Dr. Uppal is a unique physician. When I needed a radiological examination recently ,she went out of her way to accommodate me at a late hour and then made sure the results were conveyed the same day to my PC even though it was late evening. By the time the study was completed, her personalized care to each patient sets her apart from all other radiology organizations. God bless her and her practice!

Gurinder Singh

I was very impressed with the Columbia Charter Radiology facility. They accommodated a same day scan, and the facility was clean and inviting. The staff were professional and courteous. I greatly appreciate Dr. Uppal, she helped me manage my claustrophobia to get through the procedure. I will definitely refer others here!

Kathleen Johnson

Terrific staff on front desk, helpful, knowledgeable and professional.

Jenny in MRI likewise supportive, knowledgeable and professional.

Turnaround time on MRI Report was under 12 hour.

Will definitely recommend and use again if needed.

Thanks very much for your efforts and support.

Tom Murphy

Wonderful caring staff. Being very claustrophobic, they were very patient and kept me aware of the time. I’ve had two MRI’s previously and was in panic the whole time. Wear a sleep mask and put on the headphones, its that easy. I highly recommend Charter and will definitely go back if necessary. The 3T MRI is the way to go for anyone who is claustrophobic, much more spacious. And CD’s were available within minutes of checking out.

Robert Thomas

Charter Radiology is simply awesome! From the scheduling staff to completion of my mother’s MRI procedure, Dr. Uppal’s team were very welcoming, professional and empathetic. Thank you for your outstanding service to your clients!!!

Grace Obebe

I refer all of my patients to Dr. Daisy because they receive personalized attention from her wonderful staff and I get prompt ,top quality radiology finding so I can than provide patients with treatment directed to their exact needs.

I have used Charter Radiology for numerous medical tests. I have had MRI’s there for different areas of my body. Each time, the front desk staff has been kind, caring and personable. I never felt rushed or like a “number”. I always have many questions about the before, after ,and during the procedure. Every step of the way was easy. The amazing staff has your results in a timely manner and their efficiency is refreshing.
Although I have spent many years as a volunteer taking people to doctors appointments and medical procedures, the Charter Radiology staff will always be at the top of my list to suggest for any medical tests.

Jennifer DeFrancesco
I was really apprehensive about having an MRI, but I have to share my experience with Charter Radiology in hopes that it may confirm to others why they should feel confident to entrust there care to this practice. When I needed an MRI, I figured it would take a while to schedule an appointment..Not with Charter Radiology. They couldn’t have been more accommodating and fit me in for the very next day.

From the moment I made my appointment, it was a seamless experience. I was seen punctually at my appointment time and didn’t have to wait nervously.. I was extremely anxious about being enclosed in a noisy tube. Dr. Uppal and her staff put me at ease. Dr. Uppal was so gracious and caring to stay with me during the scan and made sure I was doing ok throughout…I got to listen to some great music and was pleasantly surprised that I barely noticed the whirr of the scanner. Charter’s equipment is state of the art and really top notch. The MRI tube is so big that I didn’t feel claustrophobic at all. I received amazing care and attention, which made it an easy experience that I had been so dreading. I received my results promptly. Several months subsequent to my scan, when I have requested copies of my reports, the staff still couldn’t be more responsive and helpful. The care from Charter Radiology has been exceptional. This practice has far exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Dr. Uppal, and staff, you are hands-down the BEST Radiology practice!!!!

Lisa Rose

I have had a number of MRIs performed at Charter Radiology. I return to Charter each and every time because all staff members are so very pleasant, professional, and accommodating. Gabriel (front desk/scheduling associate) in particular has been extremely helpful in fulfilling my requests. He also remembers clients from past visits. Charter staff members make their clients feel welcomed!

Mary DeGrezia

My husband is a Hopkins trained interventional radiologist, who currently practices at NIH. He looked at the Charter website and said the quality of the MRI images that you put on the website are superb ! It takes a radiologist to really appreciate the excellent quality of the images.

Thank you.

Amy Chang

I was very impressed with these folks. Very professional, efficient, polite, etc. I can only do an Open MRI since I’m Claustrophobic but they have a “tube” that is HUGE and was very easy for me to get this done. Someone even put a transparency over the ceriling lights so when you are in the tube, it’s so big that you can look out of it and see clouds and sky with the transparency. Brilliant!! Really helped to keep me at ease. Their equipment is the newest out there and top notch. Highly recommend these folks and will never use any other facility. Super Happy with Charter Radiology.

Ron Dobransky

A few weeks ago I needed a post-op MRI. I was in the area and stopped in. The staff went out of their way to get me in THAT DAY. I was not able to rearrange my schedule so I scheduled my appointment for a few days out. They called me the next day to tell me what my co-insurance was and offered a payment arrangement because my deductible was not yet met. I have a ton of anxiety but the staff was AWESOME! The facility is state-of-the-art, clean, and very welcoming. Dr. Daisy PERSONALLY called me to discuss my findings. She listened to my concerns and explained exactly what was going on, in a language I could understand. Dr. Daisy is very compassionate and patient care is the most important thing to her. Her staff is friendly and well trained. Kudos to them all.

Vanessa Morris

I had my first MRI done yesterday. I was little nervous but the MRI Technician explained the procedure very well and his comforting manner put me at ease. Even though there is no way to enjoy an MRI except listening to Bollywood music !! upon my request helped me to relax.

Thanks for the five star quality experience.

Jotee Gill

This is my absolute preferred radiology center. The staff is always friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable. The images from Charter are the clearest I’ve ever seen in my long journey as a chronically ill patient. So many diagnoses are made from minute details in imaging, I don’t trust any other place as much as Charter to capture these details and recognize them.

Cat Cooke

I had the absolute best experience at Charter! The skill, knowledge, passion and sheer enthusiasm by Dr. Uppal was refreshing. She not only made me feel comfortable during the injection process (which much to my preconceived notions, didn’t hurt) but she was a joy to talk to. I have no doubt her skills are some of the best in the nation!

Chelsea Krotz

I have unfortunately had to have several MRIs and X-rays. This was my first time at Charter Radiology. I usually went to Advanced Radiology in Ellicott City but needed a change from the unfriendly staff, long waits and old equipment. Charter was amazing with friendly staff, clean facilities and upscale equipment. I loved the headphones to listen to music and a comfortable, relatively open, non-threatening MRI machine which met the > 1 imaging required by my doc. Open MRIs at Advanced Radiology don’t work for me because they are not strong enough which would have meant going into their coffin. Thank you for making a normally uncomfortable process easy and comfortable!

Dawn Marshall Greenman

I’ve been to many imaging centers over the years. Charter Radiology feels more like a spa than a radiology office, with its decor, lighting and furniture. That’s really just bonus on top of the fact that almost every physician I talk to who refers me there says Charter has the absolute BEST imaging equipment available. It just doesn’t make any sense to me when accuracy is what you want, not to use the best. The staff is super nice and compassionate, professional and helpful. I have no idea why you wouldn’t request Charter if you were remotely close to one of their locations.

Cycle Matt

The staff was friendly, patient, helpful and the faculty was outstanding. Jase you get two thumbs up and the young man at the front desk was a wonderful welcome to an early morning appointment.

Vernell Cuppie

I had the absolute best experience at Charter! The skill, knowledge, passion and sheer enthusiasm by Dr. Uppal was refreshing. She not only made me feel comfortable during the injection process (which much to my preconceived notions, didn’t hurt) but she was a joy to talk to. I have no doubt her skills are some of the best in the nation!

Courtney North

I don’t like being constrained, so I have issues with MRI’s. However, my Technician/therapist worked with my claustrophobic @ss and coaxed me through it. I forgot her name but she kept me from being admitted/committed.

Keith Marshall

That was my first time there & the service was excellent, they were very nice & respectful & overly generous I will go there for now on.

Tyrese Franklin

The best place for an MRI! They really work with you!

Stephanie McAllister

Wonderful staff and facility.  Easy to schedule appointments and they are great with my 11yr old son! Highly recommend!

Anita English

They fit my daughter in for an MRI same day!! MRI at 1:45, results BEFORE her appointment with her doctor at 3:00!! Dr Daisy is a rock star!!!

Helen Retz

It was clean quiet and very professional. Added bonus was pineapple juice used for my study

Jamie Klapper

Fastest results…amazing patient service..State of the art equipment ….beautiful new office.

Diane Murry

Wonderful service. Dr. Uppal best radiologist in the region. Thank you!

Tammy Mason

I like the prompt service and imaging. Great service and will continue to refer patients.

Wanda Mallory

Best Wishes Dr. Daisy!

Ravinder Birgi

I had a great experience at Charter! I was a walk in for an MRI and the receptionist was fantastic at working to get me in! The radiology staff was great and made me feel very comfortable! The facility is lovely! Thanks to all the staff!

Kathy Branch

Many thanks to Dr. Uppal and her staff for squeezing me in on such short notice today and taking special care of me. Your kindness, professionalism and generosity are greatly appreciated! With your help, I’m hopeful for a speedy recovery in time for the Chicago Marathon in 3 weeks!

Greg Rhines

Awesome staff…. got me right in. Friendly…. thanked me for coming…. highly recommended!

Tracy Hixon

I myself am a medical professional and personally chose charter radiology as Dr Daisy and her whole staff are excellent. I am somewhat claustrophobic and they got me through my MRI. I now send my patients whenever possible.

Mitchell Barber

I really enjoy coming to Charter Radiology because of their friendly staff and fast service.

Tinia Simpson

Nothing but great experiences at Charter. Dr Uppal provides a personable environment, convenient appointments and quick results. We should know: 7 MRIs there for our family in 18 months.

Heather DeWees

Charter Radiology is one of the top imaging practices in Maryland. Some of the best doctors in Maryland refer their patients to Charter. The staff is friendly, and their technology is state-of-the-art.

Ross Albers

The office has state of the art equipment and professional and caring staff. I was so nervous for my MRI arthrogram but Dr. Uppal and Gina put my mind at ease. The procedure went quickly and smoothly.

Nunni D.

A terrific experience at Charter Radiology on all fronts. In particular, the people there are customer advocates and have complete empathy for their clients and the process. Dr. Uppal has set a wonderful culture at her business. Would highly recommend using Charter Radiology!

Jeff Cooper

I highly recommend Charter Radiology. The staff is warm and kind and the Doctor is super friendly and truly one of the best Doctor’s I have talked to. She cares very much for her patients. I can’t thank them enough for their services and being an advocate for me and my situation. Thank you!

Kim McNellis

Been here a few times for MRI and X-ray. They are very friendly and very quick. I always leave with my digital films that are ready within 10 min. They also write the radiology reports the same day and email everything to you.

Kevin Joye

Recently I had an MRI done of my left shoulder at your facility and I just wanted to take a moment of your time to express my gratitude and sincere appreciation regarding the professionalism of your team members. After having initially scheduled the test with another lab, I became hesitant after calling to confirm that the proper authorization was in process – unfortunately they had not even begun the process and informed me that most likely I would have to reschedule my exam. While I knew that I did not need the approval, I certainly understood why they needed to call but it doesn’t take a week plus. After that call I researched the web and found your facility and read the reviews that some of your prior patients had posted-all positive!

Gabriel Gonzalez was very accommodating, professional and willing to work with me when scheduling the appointment and even offered up this past Sunday. As someone who has been losing sleep with my shoulder issue, I was to say the least most appreciative of his quick work as well as his preparedness of the paperwork when I came into the office. I’m not one for a lot of forms and to his credit most of the information was already completed!!!

In addition I would like to express my gratitude to your MRI technologist who was quick, informative and understanding of my issues – which wasn’t just my shoulder but the very idea of being put into the machine. As one who is extremely claustrophobic he was understanding, expedited the test, and kept me informed of the time line and displayed a degree of professionalism seldom seen.

And then there is you. I want to thank you so much for taking the time to read the scans and provide my healthcare provider, Dr. Kari Kindschi, with the summary in such a timely fashion. I was thinking maybe Tuesday at the earliest and to my surprise Dr. Kindschi called me early Monday morning to let me know what had been reported. I was elated – at the call, not the results! LOL.

While I know that all of you probably think providing this level of care is the norm, I have to correct you. Being proactive, responsive, and demonstrating a high degree of professionalism are not the norm. So, congratulations on assembling a fantastic team!

I want to wish you and your staff a Happy Holiday Season. And while I still stand to have corrective surgery for my injury – I am that much closer to resolution because of the promptness of your office in handling my testing- Medicine as it should be!

Thomas C. Ritter

I had MRI done here for right hip.  I was happy with friendly staff and their clean place. It’s in newer building and has nice interior space.


What a great group of staff! My first time here and was completely impressed with the courteous service I got from everyone starting with the folks at the front desk to the technician who did my MRI. Also, I was able to get a copy of my films within minutes (walk-in) with no problem! 5-Star all around! Thank you!

Jamie L.

Dr. Daisy visited Morrison Chiropractic to discuss MRI a few months ago. I was impressed by her knowledge, compassion, quest for excellence and her concern for each and every patient. A rare find in these days of corporate radiology. I have sent some patients for studies and they and I have been very pleased. I trust her imaging qulity and have confidence in her reported findings. This a very big deal for me as is my patient’s comfort and satisfaction.

Dr. Brian Morrison, Morrison Chiropractic