IBM iConnect Access Physician Imaging Portal

Charter Radiology invested heavily in a powerful new universal viewing and image exchange solution that allows physicians real-time, web-based access to patient images and reports.

Introducing IBM iConnect Access, even more robust than Charter Radiology’s previous physician imaging portal. iConnect Access is a universal viewing and image exchange with real-time collaboration. In today’s healthcare environment, patients are often treated by multiple providers, sometimes across various healthcare systems. Because radiology images are vital to a patient’s diagnosis and treatment, Charter Radiology’s new physician imaging portal, iConnect Access, allows for real-time image sharing and exchange. Combining image exchange tools with the universal viewer and its robust API, iConnect Access enables seamless workflows for all imaging needs. Additionally, iConnect Access allows users to collaborate in the same session.

Now physicians and patients can access radiographic images anywhere, at anytime!

How iConnect Access Works – A Guide for Physicians

In the top navigation bar of the website, click “Physician Login (PACS-NEW).” All patient studies have been migrated over to iConnect Access and physicians are encouraged to use the new imaging portal. All patients now receive their images and reports from Charter Radiology via a secure link sent by email.

IMPORTANT: The ZDA physician imaging portal formerly utilized by Charter Radiology will still be available to physicians until the end of 2020. It is labeled “Physician Login (PACS-OLD)” on the website.

Watch our video below for step-by-step instructions.

Physician Portal Access

View our IBM iConnect video tutorial

After you have clicked the play icon, click on the box in the lower right corner of the video to enlarge it for easier viewing.

Full Instructions (PDF)

Physician Login

Physician Login (PACS – NEW)
Physician Login (PACS – OLD)