Dual Energy CT examinations provide answers for a wide range of diagnostic challenges. At Charter Radiology our Siemens SOMATOM CT scanners will provide you with excellent dual energy images at equal, or often lower radiation dose levels compared to conventional CT examinations. This makes dual energy a valid modality for many types of patients and a wide variety of clinical applications.

Dual Energy at Charter Radiology from Siemens – True Dual Energy – offers crisp image quality with no extra radiation dose. In addition, dual energy CT offers clinical information beyond morphology and highlights, characterize, quantify, and differentiate the material in the CT scans.

Characterization of Kidney Stones

Kidney stones contain varying amounts of heavy atoms (for example, uric acid stones versus calcified stones). Dual Energy CT can be used to perform a differentiation of these materials. At Charter Radiology with CT dual energy calculi characterization, we can visualize these chemical differences in kidney stones and use the information for your physician’s therapy decision.