X-ray panorama

X-rays are painless diagnostic tests that produce images of the bones and internal organs. X-rays are used to detect bone or joint problems, and to check the lungs, heart, abdomen and pelvis. X-rays use small amounts of radiation through the area being imaged. The amount of radiation is safe and minimal. Charter Radiology utilizes digital X-ray equipment which is the latest technology available. At Charter Radiology, no appointment is necessary for X-ray procedures and the ordering physician will receive the report within 1-2 hours after the completion of the procedure.

At Charter Radiology, an X-Ray procedure only last a few minutes. Our technologist will position the patient to accurately image the body part of interest. X-ray procedures normally include different patient positions to provide the radiologist with additional views of the body part or organ. If necessary, the patient will be instructed to hold their breath in order to prevent respiratory motion from blurring the image. Patients may resume normal activity following the procedure.