Clinical History:

Clinical indication 13 year-old with recent sports injury playing baseball.


Coronal proton density images demonstrate increased bone marrow signal and increase bone marrow edema within the humeral head within the epiphyses and around the growth plate. There is slight widening of the growth plate findings compatible with Apophysitis of the proximal humerus also known as little leaguer’s shoulder or proximal humeral Epiphysiolysis. Additional findings in this case demonstrate increased edema within the infraspinatus muscle and Teres minor as well as the deltoid muscle findings compatible with muscular strain and sprain there is no evidence of muscle rupture. No labral tear demonstrated.


Nondisplaced apophyseal avulsions of the shoulder are treated conservatively with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents and by limiting activities for 4 to 6 weeks.\


Camilo JaimesMauricio JimenezNogah ShabshinTal Laor, and Diego Jaramillo

RadioGraphics 2012 32:2, 537-555