Charter Radiology Introduces our NEW State-of-the-Art, 3T MAGNETOM Skyra MRI

We recently invested significant resources in a SIEMENS 3T MAGNETOM Skyra MRI machine.

Our Skyra makes MR exams easier and more comfortable than ever before. The roominess of our 70cm open bore will accommodate a large variety of patient sizes, shapes and conditions. And the super short-bore magnet allows many studies to be completed with the patient’s head outside the bore. But, you don’t have to compromise image quality for comfort. The newly designed, ultra-high-density array enables higher spatial and temporal resolution and an imaging distance of up to 205 cm with no patient repositioning. Now up to 204 coil elements deliver more signal than ever before. Which enables the most flexible parallel imaging and supports the most demanding applications. Read more >


The 70cm open bore design helps you feel more relaxed and can accommodate patients up to 550lbs. Its shorter magnet also means most exams can be done with the head outside of the machine.


Unique technology provides a more personalized exam that can be tailored to the patient’s needs.


A strong 3T magnet delivers excellent images to help make a more confident diagnosis.


Exclusive technology allows for faster, more efficient exams and less wait time for the patient.


With the addition of the Quiet Suite, the patient will experience significant sound reduction.

Skyra 3T MRI, Reisterstown office

Verio 3T MRI, Columbia office